Reality Behind Screens

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A capture of the Cyclone Phailin. Taken from BBC.

Last Saturday, on the 12th, a cyclone arrived in the eastern part of India.  Most of the residences were crushed, flooded or blown away from the strongest cyclone from what they say is 14 years. A lot of people are affected by this environmental attack, yet the very first thing that came to my mind was the very selfish question that is: Why is this new?

I live in a country wherein we experience these flooding and devastation every year. In fact, it may be the first thing that tourists check before they fly over for their tropical vacations, so it was the first to occur to me at that time when I heard the news.

It was a very selfish thing to say, to have no care for these people just because they live farther than my family. When I have seen the photos of the refugees, I saw the similarities involved.

And that hit me. There is not much change. Same damage, same protocols. Because we are all people, and all the events are REAL. The devastation I have seen locally is just as real as what I see in the news.

It’s hard to think about it all at once, a planet that is roughly 13,000 in diameter. A lot of things are happening worldwide, all at once, but the most we could think about are our electric bills and homework. But it doesn’t matter where you are on this planet exactly, it just matters that you are IN this planet. This is a view we tend to forget when we look at the magical box in our living rooms, or even the more flat devices where I’m typing this right now.

I have yet to reach the end of my second decade. I don’t know much about the world. But I guess at this age, I can say that my perspective is not enough, and we are all interconnected, living together.


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