The Last Free Day

So, yeah… Today’s my birthday.

There’s really no hoopla about it. I guess after you turn 18 you kinda start hating your birthdays one by one. It’s kinda a reminder that “Hey, your time is limited you know! Now here’s your new age, and you still haven’t done anything special.” I guess it’s saying something. I still stand by what I said though. This is probably the loneliest birthday. But I don’t like to think about that right now. I just finished enrolling for a new semester yesterday, and classes start tomorrow. So I guess it’s not just a birthday. It’s also a last free day before your school term of hell starts again, kind of thing.

Maybe other people my age don’t celebrate birthdays like I do, which means, not at all. They’re probably partying or something. And me, I’m answering to every single notification that pops up in my Facebook, liking each birthday greeting from people I haven’t even heard from in the past two years. It’s cute, yes, to see that much, but is it really a real greeting? Did they really remember, or they are just reliant on the small gift icon on the webscreen’s upper right hand corner? Honestly, I wanted to change my birthdate on facebook to a day later than my actual birthday, just to see who really knows what is genuine. Never got to do it though. I figured that it’s best to not even know. (Besides, messing with friends like that is out of character for me.)

It’s one thing to be lonely because no one cares, but it’s another to be lonely because the people you love are far away. In a way, it’s kind of worse, because you know they are there, but they still can’t celebrate with you. Of course, all this under the justification of perfectly valid reasons, but I can’t help but feel lonely as a wallow in a cafe alone, drinking ice cold chocolate mint shake in the middle of a sunny afternoon, after I ws asked by a waiter if I wanted a “table for one.”

Oh well, still quite a day, better enjoy it while it lasts, because hell starts tomorrow.


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