Why iOS 7 is a fashion trend

I am currently writing this on an iOS6-run Apple product. Still, yes.

We are all aware that the new (or maybe now not so new) iOS update has been released for quite sometime now. The hip Apple culture has clamored the update, but afterwards have been complaining on how slow and how battery-draining it is. It’s like a big “haha, got you!” campaign. So I prevent myself from updating, as to not compromise my necessity to use the product all-day. But man, it sure is a bit humiliating.

Everyone in my classes and even in public brandish their products left and right, more so than usual, with the new slider features and application managers, and I’m just sitting there clutching my iPad (the only Apple product I am proud to have for practicality) with its silver sheen icons and not its colorful minimalistic counterparts.

Which leads me to feel very outdated. Washed out, sort of. More so than the feeling I’ve got when the iPad 3 came out. Even apps are changing interfaces, which results in some sort of mismatch in the system, making me also feel like a mismatch to the society class I live in. Worse, is when people actually ask why I haven’t updated, and they look at me with such judgement.

It’s really making me think that technology isn’t just practicality and convenience anymore. It’s a fashion trend. If you don’t have the latest thing, you’re out. And it’s really sad to see that there needs to be a trend to practicality other than features. It’s like the idea that the appearance is better than function.

Same is true for clothes, and same is true for people. Let’s just hope that smartphones won’t appear on the runway as an accessory of sorts. Well, maybe not sometime soon.

*disclaimer [12/27/2013]: I succumbed to the trend at this date. 😦


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