Red flowers, fabulous gifts and the snow: Wait, we’re talking about Valentines?

Oh, that holiday in which we either have our hearts swollen over, or deflated like there’s no tomorrow. But there are some things that I find remarkably noticeable with Valentines.

Christmas and Valentines, both originating as Christian holidays (at least as far as I know) are celebrated regardless of ethnicity, location and affiliations. They both have a pre-celebration period and it’s a time spent with loved ones, and the time when the Earth overflows with unity, peace and love. They are very much the same in most aspects, and well, not always in a positive note.

The days are two of the most prominent holidays that offer the worst kind of consumerism. Christmas and Valentines cards, children’s gifts, loved ones’ chocolates and flowers, expensive dinner dates and Christmas feasts even holiday lights and jewelries. Everything is hyped up, and every store in the mall and street corners are decorated with hearts or snow men or Santa Claus. And there are a few things that I find peculiar:

  • I know that people will say “tradition,” but I think if expressing love, which is supposed to be addressed everyday, calls for tradition… well.
  • Christmas is celebrated of course once a year due to the idea that births are only once a year, so that’s pretty acceptable. Valentines, I don’t forgive as much. Am I only allowed to express love once a year?
  • Another thing about the 14th is that everyone is expecting it, and it’s either dreaded or anticipated. Christmas is anticipated too, but not quite in the same way. There’s always an expectation of doing something “special” on the romantic day, and if it’s not done, there seems to be grave consequences. (Believe me, I’ve seen them.)

Both are fine celebrations, but sometimes it’s forgotten that these days are celebrated for a reason. May it be the spirit of giving or the rampant idea of expressing love to your loved ones, they are great overall. But really, is expressing your love and generosity defined by the amount of flowers you give, or the number of gifts you’ve provided?

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