When People Randomly Break Into Song

In the Philippine sub-culture, (I don’t know if it’s an official thing or anything, but hey, it counts if a majority follows it right?) we have the term LSS, meaning Last Song Syndrome. I think I read somewhere that it’s synonymous to the “ear worm” or something.

However, the LSS factor means that it’s the song stuck in your head because you heard it somewhere, but there really is not much significance or point of the song, just the fact that it was the most recent thing that you heard. Sentimental songs (how I like to call them) are long-lasting, memory-invoking pieces that make you remember a distant past, to the point that you almost forgot it until BAM!, this song comes on TV or anywhere else.

The Sound of Music

For me, this song, or list of songs at least, include possibly any song that is included in a movie, musical style. The Sound of Music, every Disney-movie made for kids, High School Musical, Anastasia (I have to say this since it was from 20th Century Fox), Annie, and more.

We had a lot of VCDs (the ancestor of DVDs) that contain these kinds of movies. We as a family like it very much that when one starts to hum or sing the song, we sync in. It’s been around 10 to 12 years, but nothing much has changed in that aspect.

A rush of memories just run through whenever I watch, or hear songs in films and animations, and I think it’s one of the best ways to connect with peers who feel the same nostalgia as I do (and yes, I sang High School Musical songs with my college classmates yesterday) and wherever you go, we know that everyone has heard them.

I guess this says much about music, especially since the release of Frozen, I’ve been hearing kids left and right and both genders, singing Let It Go. Maybe, in a decade or two, they will also feel the rush of memories of watching this with a childhood friend, or a parent or them both, or maybe feeling a sense of courage as Elsa builds her majestic palace, or staring into their hands wishing for snow powers.

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