Four Months of Open Labor

As with recent debate in the local government and universities about improving our education system, I was graced (or rather, cursed) with a four-month vacation. Yes, it has been 4 months since I last saw a majority of schoolmates. One would think that I would be well rested after this sufficient amount of full sleeps and worry-free days.

Well, not really. In fact I’m more exhausted than ever.

As additional information, I plan in graduating this upcoming school year. I will enter what is hopefully my last year of tertiary education, and in aid of this goal, what I did this vacation was for the sole purpose of it being fulfilled, namely: (1) attending the summer semester, and (2) doing an internship session. Both are optional to take, but I did them anyways under the pursuit of a proper education, and satisfying graduation.

Being a college student I always wonder about how I would get a job after my graduation. I will practically be spending a year remaining but after that, I don’t know what to do with my life. My break activities were I guess, a sense of insurance that I will be employed at that point in time. Though I know that such assurance is impossible in today’s world, it’s still an assurance of my future. Let’s say that they are ways to polish my appeal to employers all over the country.

I said earlier that my summer activities are optional and that remains true as long as the university rules hold and my college curriculum stays constant. Why did I do them? Why did I force myself to run across buildings under the blazing sun for classes during the first half, and force myself to run to transport stations against the strong winds for the second half? All to have a good future? A sense of security? What?

There are times that I think about my past actions. I’ve never had a good school break since I was a college freshman, and now that we had this four-month break, I still haven’t rested well. I wonder if this translates to a stressful life after mandatory education, and if I’ll never have a break if I wanted.

I wonder sometimes if I’ll always be a walking-talking human resource commodity or I can step out of that population shadow and do something important. And will it start here? Four months of optional but accepted labor?

Something to ponder about. Something to wonder about.


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