Ink, Writing and Tree Tattoos

This starting January my father gave me one of those free planners that you get from the office. Normally (or around maybe 2 years ago when I had a craze for planners) I would be excited. But my reaction was a little underwhelming. I didn’t start thinking about writing in it until I actually had something reasonably important to put. And when I did, I took out a pen, pointed it towards the black smooth surface, only to realize I have forgotten how to write with my hands.

I’ve had many experiences with planners. Daily, monthly, yearly, portable, on the wall or large enough to fit your desk and have nothing else on it. But I never really get into the groove of keeping a tangible one. The time when I finally started to have a sense of organization is when I moved to using my smartphone as an alternative. Now with another thick-bound book in my hands, do I use it?


As with anyone and everyone with a blog, we love to write. But what medium we use usually differs. Some prefer the old pen and paper partners and some prefer the pixels and the sound of the wandering fingers over keys. What I find different between the two is not much of the issue when it comes to differentiating the ideas that come out of the writer’s brain. The brain, is the source. But on which canvas you draw your ideas in, that’s a different issue.

Now why do I opt to write on a planner that commands me to etch on it with ink? To me, ink on paper is a greater commitment. You can’t erase it. Now what about a pencil, then? You can erase it, but the embossed surface on the paper is not something you can take back. In a way, it’s a commitment. You wrote that in. You said that you’ll be meeting this certain person at 1 pm at the library. You wrote it in. You have to do it.

This doesn’t apply to planners alone. Oh, you wrote freinds instead of friends? Sucks. Let’s just keep it there until you scratch over it. But you remember the mistake, right? That time that you wrote down a term during a class lecture? You wrote it on the upper left corner of your textbook. You remember it, don’t you?

Which leads me to my next point. Personally, when I write with ink or lead, I think to myself first before I scratch the surface. Should that really be written? Does that sound proper? Thinks like that. It’s like thinking about getting a tattoo. Do I want it to say “I Love Mom” or do I want it to say “Carpe Diem”? You think about it, because there’s some permanence to it. You’ll have to stick to it for a while. It sticks to the paper, and it sticks to your brain.

This what I think is lacking in today’s age. We type too much, think too less. With the presence of the internet we don’t think about what we say, which is why I find comment sections of websites more amusing than actual content. In an uncomfortable note, cyber-bullying is also a huge by-product of this keyboard/pen disparity. With pen and paper, you’d pause before you say “tl;dr” or “get out of your mom’s basement you fa*g*t”.

You think before you say things you might not mean to say.

You think before you say things you might not mean.

You think before you say things.

You think.

Inspired by Pens and Pencils by Daily Post


One thought on “Ink, Writing and Tree Tattoos

  1. I agree with you, ayu.

    Well, people nowadays seem lacking of manner and empathy. That’s make this generations different from the older day. They didn’t think at least how it feels to taste ‘their words’.

    Some people, made such a statement just to getting people attention. Some people, based on jealously. Some people, maybe for another reason—that maybe related to what they couldn’t have in their life and etc!

    Old folk said to me that people who hurt tend to hurt others. So, we must try to understand from their point of what’s wrong. If we observe carefully, they need help in some way.

    One thing that can be sure of, they couldn’t take back their word after it’s written and the damage could be last forever. It’s not only about the victim, it’s about the bully. And you know what comes first, who’s their parent. It’ll hurt them—if they’re care.

    You know that written or spoken word also a form of prayer; it could make people to reach their dream or crushed them to pieces. Also what comes from mouth, it’s come from their heart.


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