Anticipating Graduation

During my college freshman year, I calculated the time I expect to graduate. I thought of my classes to take, my requirements, minimum amount in the university, etc. And the estimate was April 2015. Back then, graduation happened in April, but due to some university changes, June 2015 is now the most possible estimate, which is about six months from now.

There was a point during this period of my life that I never thought of graduating at all, and maybe college is just really hard for me. But here I am on my (hopefully) last semester, hoping to survive this last few steps.

You’d think that I’d be excited. You’d think I’d be relieved of the fact that I no longer have to take classes, expect grades, etc. To be honest, I’ve never been so frightened in my life.

I’ve had this expectation that after you finish college, you will know more about the world and you’ll be ready for it. The former I agreed to have achieved, the latter, not so much.

Am i? Am I really?

Am I ready to face the world? Am I equipped enough?

Aside from all this anxiety, one question pops in my head: does it matter?

Does it matter if we’re ready, at any point? When I talk to other people, it seems that they themselves are still figuring out their lives, long after college. There are still some who are scared about the future. Just as scared as I am about receiving a diploma by the end of half-a-year. To worry about the unknown is a common thing, but they become known, gradually I hope. But it doesn’t have to be now. College is not the limit. There is more to pursue, and there is more to learn.


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