New Lands and New Opportunities

In history, colonizers always saw land as an expansion of what was already existing. For the early settlers, if there were any, it would be a land grab. It’s amazing how an asset that is flat, empty and altogether supposedly worthless could be worth more with the right hands to take care of it. So as to the question:

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

The first thing that comes to as an answer is an easy one. A library, something close to my heart and passion. But if I were to imagine things, I could think about it another way.

I would probably look around and see where my land is placed. An urban, bustling community? Or a silent countryside? It’s hard to tell what to do with it with not much context from the surroundings. Building a skyscraper in a province seems a bit… arrogant for my tastes.

If there’s something I learned from college it’s knowing and delivering what people want. But at the same time, your heart must also be into what you’re doing. Managing a plot of land is a big thing if you think about it, and raising it from the ground up is a major commitment. Your love for things, (and the people’s want for things) should be catered if I wanted to make something out of a land gifted to me by an unnamed stranger.

I feel that it would always be something educational. Maybe a library, yes, but I’m opening myself to other possibilities. A school? A tutorial center? A museum? I don’t know. I like being able to facilitate learning in a community, so my plot of land would cater to that. But of course, I need to hear what people demand, and in a way, co-use the land I own.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Plot of Earth.”


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