Perceptions On Beauty

I never really saw myself as an attractive person. In today’s standard of beauty, I could never have that confidence. But I guess this goes for all girls that care a significant amount about how people see them physically. It’s one of those things that are supposed to be looked at inwardly, something you complain about alone while looking at a mirror, but given the free-communications of the Internet, we can find that “why am i so…” on Google will bring up my point.

It’s been one of my long standing opinions that beauty is arbitrary. “In the eye of the beholder,” and all that. But sometimes, you can’t help but notice the small imperfect things about your physical appearance, that we feel a little… “too”.

I talk about this as a woman though. I am not sure if men have the same insecurities. Regardless, we see ourselves with many “too”s and too little “just right”s.

“Too,” meaning there is no good range but the neutral. Too skinny, too fat, too dark, too light, too short, too tall… both ends of that spectrum has a criticism, and with an insecure mind, it grows and grows even though you are just fine. We begin to think about traits and characteristics that we don’t possess and we see that as a disadvantage. We set our own neutral zone, and usually the location of that neutral zone is far from our own perceptions. On this subject, we begin to think, “I’ll never be that pretty,” and it becomes an absolute thing. Truth is you really can’t.

Your body does not have the capability to copy the beauty someone else has because it’s busy maintaining and showing your own features. Something that we don’t often appreciate as we see it on mirrors all the time, and we begin to notice the little imperfections. The “too”s.

The funny thing is most people don’t really care about how your ankles are fat or your cheekbones are too high. It’s really borderline superficial. Sometimes, we have to reevaluate, because sometimes what our eyes see as a “too” may be “just right” in someone else’s eyes.

[Inspired by Hello, Goldilocks!]


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