Life and the Future

“Study broadly and without fear.”

Nearing graduation, and seeing everyone else’s graduation flash before your eyes, is kind of an awakening.

I got to see the anxiety of many going into that phase of our adult life where… we don’t know what to do with our lives. Some of us greet each other with a cheerful, but solemn “Welcome to Unemployment!” like it’s an inside joke that stabs you in the back.

In truth, I am truly scared of the future.

Granted the video was addressed to college freshmen students, but it still feels relevant to me. One of the things is the fact that the options narrow over time.

I’ve wanted to do a lot of things. Read books, write a blog, travel the world, et cetera. And at some point during my college I started to think about the course I took and whether or not it could take me there. In the end, I think I chose the broadest degree I could possibly take, and now I still have a lot of options, which is problematic at this point.

Whether or not we have choices is our choice.

The video above is a video I keep watching over and over again because in a way, it’s a bit comforting. Joking and stupid faces aside, it gave me hope that at this point in my life… a guiding Hand would do. I don’t need to know where I am headed, and whatever it is out there, I hope it’s a good one.


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