The Hours Passing

Everybody has an equal amount of time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As clear as that is, many people don’t seem to believe it.

Reasons like “I have work” or “I have kids” mostly dictates that reasoning that tells us we don’t have the time. I hear often the reasons of people when they share their dream activities of achieving an ability (cooking, learning a language) or getting that much needed vacation. “There simply is no time to do any of those things”.

The thing about the 24 hr daily stipend that we get from the way of the world, is that it is our choice on how to manage it, and our choice to perceive it. Will you be taking that 6 day job or that compressed work-week option? Will you go on vacation or stay at home with the kids? Will you accept that invitation to have a drink on a weekday or stay at home and get your much deserved rest?

I feel that I don’t have that luxury of time. Clearly reflecting on how often I post things on here. (Sad, I know.). Recently I find myself in this position a lot, especially with the limited out-of-work time I have. Not to mention the exhaustion that requires you to take a couple of hours rest, only to find out that the hours that follow would be dedicated to sleep and sleep alone. It is frustrating to think about.

On the other way around though I find myself thinking on whether I am planning to do too much that I overwhelm myself in the process. So, it is one’s resolve to simplify one’s life to the essential ones, and to the ones that actually bring the most productivity, or in most cases, joy. To spend the time with your family or loved ones, or to curl up with a good book.

We can think to ourselves that there are times when time is worth freezing and savoring, and times when we can’t wait to get out of here. Time is limited, but the best times will be determined by you and you alone. It is a worthwhile effort to start to think about what is worth your time.

So, how will you spend your next hour?


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