Ghosts: Anonymity & Strangeness

Some people believe that in a crowded place, say a train station or a crowded city crossroad, there is a good possibility that a portion of them are ghosts, or spirits. In one case or so, that is true.

First, I don’t claim to have ESP or a third eye, and I don’t mean that there really are spirits all around us. If there are, it is yet to be discovered 😉 . People come and go in these locations all the time, and much like me, even if I take the same route everyday, I don’t notice the same people walk by everyday.

It’s probably my own flaw of being focused on my track as I walk, or is it only my flaw? Sometimes, it is a wonder if it is easier to hide your identity in the city or in the rural area. It is of course easy to find solace in a provincial town and find peace with that, but with the granted anonymity of being one wave in the sea of people, it is almost like being a ghost.

People acknowledge your presence when you sit down next to them, or brush up next to them. It doesn’t send shivers down their spine, but acknowledgement starts as acknowledgement ends. You are just another person in the daily grind, much like me, and knowing you won’t change my life.

These ghosts can materialize though. There are billions of people in this world. Each of us don’t have the time to get to know everyone and we seem to take that as a given. But what about taking that step?

As to me, I find talking to a stranger quite exciting, as they start to narrate a part of their life in enthusiasm, like it was all bottled up inside just waiting to be said. Same goes for people you are starting to just know. I find myself thinking if those bottled up ideas are also existent in me (and to an extent, this post is a spill of that bottle 🙂 ). Even if it’s not a full conversation, say a small smile, or a short laugh, can make a good difference.

A neutral ghost changes and becomes a good reality.

Do you have anything bottled up inside your head? When was the last time you talked to a stranger, staff, or acquaint yourself with a new colleague?


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