Sometimes there are thoughts that never leave your brain. There are also those that end up in conversations, and there are those that come out in the most unusual situations. Or even maybe, some of those end up in a blog.

I am Marianne, and I’m desperately hanging on to the amount of life I have. I may not have much, but it’s the little things that get me interested anyways.

Ever since I was little I wanted to keep a journal. I’ve never really been able to. I didn’t see much point in it in the long run since no one would read anyways. Hence, the idea: a personal blog.

This blog contains most of the musings that bother me everyday. Some are insignificant, some… a bit more disturbing. It’s the few things that irk my mind and the few things that I just really want to share with readers.

Feel free to roam, read and reply to any of them, and any comment or message you make is appreciated.


Leave your own fragments

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