Dropping The Ballot: Are We Really Voting?

Weeks ago we held the election period for our university student council. As it is done every year, I expected nothing less than room-to-room campaigns and other forms of political strategies. As the university student council elections come to a close, and I receive my “oh, you voted” button, I thought about the consequences of the future, not just in my university, but  when leaders need to be reelected once more in all parts of the world.

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Anyone Can Be Famous

Alex from Target
The internet put him on TV. Nothing crazier than packing groceries one day, then on camera the next. (Picture taken from ABC News)

Last November there was a teenage boy photographed without his knowledge while on the job. This photo was posted on the internet and soon became viral: created memes and jokes over the internet. He became an overnight celebrity. The name of this trend? Alex from Target.

Why would a picture of a Target employee become viral? What is so compelling?

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Exercise: What Everyone Really Says

One of the advertisements that bombarded me in Youtube was this Nike Commercial called ‘Better for It‘. I usually skip commercials when I can, but for the first time in months, I didn’t skip this one. It was that good.

No shame in running half a half marathon.

The commercial shows the thoughts of women when they exercise, and I must say that these thoughts are not far off. Coming from a woman that is not… athletic (at all, mind you), I have said these words before. Halfway through the ad I was smiling already because I know that the statements were true. While I watched this, I thought about how the fitness landscape has changed to what it is today.

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Hit that restart button, will you?

There is always this one instance where you kind of regret something you’ve done. Knocking over a glass of milk on the carpet, skipping breakfast then becoming extremely hungry by lunch, or even sometimes, larger events with larger consequences. There is always that nagging wish to return to what was been. At least for me, anyways. But of course, we have to face the horrible truth…

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Perceptions On Beauty

I never really saw myself as an attractive person. In today’s standard of beauty, I could never have that confidence. But I guess this goes for all girls that care a significant amount about how people see them physically. It’s one of those things that are supposed to be looked at inwardly, something you complain about alone while looking at a mirror, but given the free-communications of the Internet, we can find that “why am i so…” on Google will bring up my point.

It’s been one of my long standing opinions that beauty is arbitrary. “In the eye of the beholder,” and all that. But sometimes, you can’t help but notice the small imperfect things about your physical appearance, that we feel a little… “too”.

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The persona is a complicated system of relations between individual consciousness and society, fittingly enough a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and, on the other, to conceal the true nature of the individual.

“The Relations between the Ego and the Unconscious” (1928). In CW 7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology. C.G. Jung, P.305

Even if we are not on a masquerade party, or in a Halloween costume, we wear them. More often than we think, even. Each person we face, everyday, is talking to an aspect of you that cannot be seen by others. We act differently with our family, our colleagues, workmates, classmates and friends. Each one a side of you that you don’t often see.

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