Language and Local Children’s Shows

While having a lone breakfast near the house the TV was open for everyone’s entertainment. As far as I know it was pretty common for local carinderias (eateries) to have this kind of leeway to customer patience, but what I find quite different that morning, was the educational children’s shows.

The television drew my attention as it played that familiar tune from a childhood that can’t yet afford cable. It was the flagship educational show for Math (or Maths, however you call it) that was around when I was a child, and I didn’t know they were airing it again, since I didn’t own a TV. But there was something strange about it this time around. Continue reading “Language and Local Children’s Shows”


“I Am In Charge,” says society.

I took a Psychology 101 class last semester and we were asked to view an experiment entitled as Milgram Experiment (or at least, that’s what it was famously named).

In the experiment the subjects were asked by the scientist, or the administrator, to give a certain amount of electrical shock to a subject s/he just met that day in the other room. As the experimentation continues, the shocks become more amplified, and the subjects were observed of how they reacted, and how they subjected their will to administrator who was watching over them. It was considered one of the most controversial experiments due to its psychological pressure through obedience to a higher authority. And it got me thinking.

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