Exercise: What Everyone Really Says

One of the advertisements that bombarded me in Youtube was this Nike Commercial called ‘Better for It‘. I usually skip commercials when I can, but for the first time in months, I didn’t skip this one. It was that good.

No shame in running half a half marathon.

The commercial shows the thoughts of women when they exercise, and I must say that these thoughts are not far off. Coming from a woman that is not… athletic (at all, mind you), I have said these words before. Halfway through the ad I was smiling already because I know that the statements were true. While I watched this, I thought about how the fitness landscape has changed to what it is today.

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When People Randomly Break Into Song

In the Philippine sub-culture, (I don’t know if it’s an official thing or anything, but hey, it counts if a majority follows it right?) we have the term LSS, meaning Last Song Syndrome. I think I read somewhere that it’s synonymous to the “ear worm” or something.

However, the LSS factor means that it’s the song stuck in your head because you heard it somewhere, but there really is not much significance or point of the song, just the fact that it was the most recent thing that you heard. Sentimental songs (how I like to call them) are long-lasting, memory-invoking pieces that make you remember a distant past, to the point that you almost forgot it until BAM!, this song comes on TV or anywhere else.

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Why iOS 7 is a fashion trend

I am currently writing this on an iOS6-run Apple product. Still, yes.

We are all aware that the new (or maybe now not so new) iOS update has been released for quite sometime now. The hip Apple culture has clamored the update, but afterwards have been complaining on how slow and how battery-draining it is. It’s like a big “haha, got you!” campaign. So I prevent myself from updating, as to not compromise my necessity to use the product all-day. But man, it sure is a bit humiliating.
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