Language and Local Children’s Shows

While having a lone breakfast near the house the TV was open for everyone’s entertainment. As far as I know it was pretty common for local carinderias (eateries) to have this kind of leeway to customer patience, but what I find quite different that morning, was the educational children’s shows.

The television drew my attention as it played that familiar tune from a childhood that can’t yet afford cable. It was the flagship educational show for Math (or Maths, however you call it) that was around when I was a child, and I didn’t know they were airing it again, since I didn’t own a TV. But there was something strange about it this time around. Continue reading “Language and Local Children’s Shows”


Jeepney Calls: Communication in Transportation

One of the jeeps that I frequently ride…

There are ways to distinguish that you are in the Philippines, most prominent and somewhat iconic of them, are the colorful jeepneys that pass by in every major road in the country. Continue reading “Jeepney Calls: Communication in Transportation”