Four Months of Open Labor

As with recent debate in the local government and universities about improving our education system, I was graced (or rather, cursed) with a four-month vacation. Yes, it has been 4 months since I last saw a majority of schoolmates. One would think that I would be well rested after this sufficient amount of full sleeps and worry-free days.

Well, not really. In fact I’m more exhausted than ever. Continue reading “Four Months of Open Labor”


The Last Free Day

So, yeah… Today’s my birthday.

There’s really no hoopla about it. I guess after you turn 18 you kinda start hating your birthdays one by one. It’s kinda a reminder that “Hey, your time is limited you know! Now here’s your new age, and you still haven’t done anything special.” I guess it’s saying something. I still stand by what I said though. This is probably the loneliest birthday. But I don’t like to think about that right now. I just finished enrolling for a new semester yesterday, and classes start tomorrow. So I guess it’s not just a birthday. It’s also a last free day before your school term of hell starts again, kind of thing.
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The Social Tolerance

You are minding your own business, maybe deciding what to have for lunch or when a task is due, when suddenly you accidentally meet the eyes of someone else you don’t know. We all know what that’s like. It’s awkward. But when that person looks at you from head to toe like a piece of unworthy trash, that’s another state that is generally unpleasant. Continue reading “The Social Tolerance”